Our Fresh Farm & Sea Providers:
Flat Creek Lodge - (artisanal cheese) GA
Sweet Grass Dairy - (artisanal cheese) GA
Blue Marlin Seafood - Bluffton, SC
Perc Coffee - Savannah, GA
Oaktree Farms - Jacksonville, GA
Greenbridge Farms - Guyton, GA
Clark and Sons -  Portal, GA
Southern Swiss Dairy - Waynesboro,  GA  
Hunter Cattle - Brooklet, GA 
KYV Farms - Jacksonville, FL   
Thrive Cafe - Savannah, GA
Frali Gourmet - Savannah, GA
Savannah River Farms - Newington, GA

Membership Prices:
MINI BAG - $18.00 - We select Four items from this week's list - NO bread but you can add it on for only $5

SINGLE - $26.00 - Approx 8-11 lbs of produce - NO bread but you can add it on.
REGULAR - $39.00 – Approx 14-17 lbs local vegetables,
1 loaf of fresh baked bread

LARGE - $49.00 – Approx 20-25 lbs local vegetables,
2 loaves of fresh baked bread

Join the Low Country's next step in the Local Food Evolution.
Local Farmbag

How it works

We Harvest
a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from our local farms and deliver them directly to your home or office.  We work with neighboring organic farms to ensure a good variety of produce year round.  We even make trips to FL and SC to make sure you get the most diverse and exciting bag possible.  Each week we have produce from at least three different farms.

You Choose  what size bag you would like and the frequency you would like to receive it.   There are three sizes - the Single size, Regular size, and the Large.  The frequency of your delivery can be weekly or every other week.  Almost all of Savannah is serviced on Wednesday including the Landings, Downtown, Midtown, Thunderbolt, Wilmington, Oatland, Whitemarsh, and Tybee Islands.  The far South Side, Georgetown and off of 17 (Berwick, Southbridge, etc) is delivered to on Thursday.  South Carolina, Rincon, Pooler, and Richmond Hill are also delivered to on Thursday.  The size and frequency of your Local Farmbag deliveries can be changed at any time.  If you decide you need more or less or want to change how often you get deliveries, that is no problem!  Just let us know and we will change it for you.

Customize your service after you sign up for your delivery by contacting the office via phone or email.  Let us know the item(s) you would not like to receive and we automatically change the item(s) if they come up in your standard seasonal selection.  Staying off carbs and don't want bread?  We can leave out bread and substitute more vegetables.  Have allergies?  Don't like or won't cook with certain items?  We can leave them out!  Have an irrational fear of some weird looking vegetable?  It's out!  Are you ambidextrous?  Thats pretty cool.  Just give us a call or email and we will cater to your requests.  Feel free to inquire about extra items for an event or special occasion.

Payment  We accept checks and all major debit and credit cards. The majority of our members pay with a credit/debit card which we keep on file and charge at the end of the week AFTER your delivery - just to make sure everything was correct. If you prefer to pay with a check (we LIKE checks too!), just give the payment to the driver or place the check in a predetermined place for the driver to pick up.

After you sign up you will begin getting our newsletter every weekend on Saturday or Sunday.  In the newsletter will be all of the produce that will be in the following week's Farmbag and all of the different add ons available for that week.  Most people also use the newsletter as the time to get in touch with us.  You only need to reply to that email to let us know: if you want to make substitutions in the bag, if you want to add on any extras, if you need to skip that week, if you have any special requests for that week's bag ... anything at all!  The newsletter also includes recipes, special events, information on what we are doing and everything new that is happening with your LFB.  We are continually bringing on new farmers and producers and want to share all of the best the Low Country has to offer with you.  The newsletter becomes the lifeline between us and our many customers.

Refer a Friend Program  Earn free add-on selections by telling your friends about us. Learn more about our programs by calling our office at 912 272 4202.