Introducing new Butcher Boxes from Savannah River Farms!

Every week or every other week, we will be offering delicious and varied Butcher Boxes from Savannah River Farms.  It could be bacon, ground beef, chops, stew meat, steaks, almost any cut of meat you can think of!  Be sure to check out our newsletter or one of our Facebook pages to see what we have on any particular week.  


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Our History:

Local Farmbag began when a small farmers market in downtown Savannah went on hiatus and we felt the need to continue connecting customers with our local farmers, but in a year round, more convenient way. That’s when we decided to bring the farmers market to you.  No problem at all, you're welcome. That was in Dec 2009 and we are still going strong in our second conceptualization of this fantastic idea.  

Quite simply the finest locally grown produce

delivered directly to your doorstep each and every week.

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