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Farm Bags!

MINI BAG - $26.00 
We select Four items from this
week's list - NO bread but you
can add it on for only $5

SMALL - $38.00
Approx 8-11 lbs of produce - NO bread but you can add it on for only $5


MEDIUM - $50.00

Approx 14-17 lbs local vegetables, 
1 loaf of fresh baked bread 

LARGE - $80.00
Approx 25-32 lbs local vegetables, 
2 loaves of fresh baked bread

Additional Options

Don't want the Bread in the Medium and Large bags?  You can always leave out the bread and get more produce in it's place.

Want to try a different size for a week?  You are welcome to get a different sized bag whenever you want.  Family coming into town or too much food left over from last week?  Increase or Lower your size for the week just by replying to the newsletter.

Join as an As Needed Customer!  Don't want the commitment of Weekly or Every Other Week Deliveries?  We now offer new customers the ability to order on an As Needed basis - meaning you order whenever you want, not on any schedule.  We simply put you on our newsletter list, get your delivery and billing info, and whenever you see a bag you like, respond to the newsletter and you will get a bag delivered that week!  And that week only.  Order as often or as infrequently as you like. Only a $6 delivery fee is added to the cost of your bag.  Enjoy the freedom of ordering As Needed.  

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THIS WEEK'S BAG TO SEE WHAT SPECIALS WE HAVE JUST FOR THIS WEEK!  Will it be a Butcher's Box?  Sausages?  Honey?  Oatmeal?  Vegan Cheeses?  Boiled Peanuts?

New Customers 

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