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Farm Bags!

MINI BAG - $26.00 
We select Four items from this
week's list - NO bread but you
can add it on for only $5

SMALL - $38.00
Approx 8-11 lbs of produce - NO bread but you can add it on for only $5


MEDIUM - $50.00

Approx 14-17 lbs local vegetables, 
1 loaf of fresh baked bread 

LARGE - $80.00
Approx 25-32 lbs local vegetables, 
2 loaves of fresh baked bread

Additional Selections

Coffee, Whole Bean, regular and decaf - from PERC Coffee and Friendship Coffee - 12 oz bag (fair trade) - $14

Local Cheeses - Varies every week!  Check This Weeks Bag

Ground Beef - from Hunter Cattle - $7.50/LB

Bacon - from Savannah River Farms - $9.50/LB

Pasta and Sauces from Frali Gourmet

Various Oils from LaTerra Natural Oils

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THIS WEEK'S BAG TO SEE WHAT SPECIALS WE HAVE JUST FOR THIS WEEK!  Will it be a Butcher's Box?  Sausages?  Honey?  Oatmeal?  Ravioli?  Boiled Peanuts?

New Customers 

Fill this Out!

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