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About Us

Our History:

Local Farmbag began when a small farmer's market in downtown Savannah went on hiatus but we felt the need to continue connecting customers with our local farmers, however in a year round, more convenient way. That’s when we decided to bring the farmers market to you.  No problem at all, you're welcome. That was in Dec 2009 and we are still going strong in our second conceptualization of this fantastic idea.  


Local Farmbag is like no other program in the Low Country and one of only a few others in the country.  We work directly the farmers in providing our customers with only the best and freshest, locally and organically grown produce.  Unlike other CSA programs, we are not constricted to working with only one, or a few, area farms.  We have unfettered access to farms from Florida to South Carolina.  If our Georgia farms cannot provide the diversity or quality we demand (that was said as we smash our fist into our open palm - very scary), we are free to use any of the producers we have relationships with - and that is no small number and growing every month!

Our Fresh Farm & Sea Providers

LaTerra Natural Oils
Savannah, GA
Hendrix Farms
Metter, GA
Perc Coffee  

Savannah, GA
Oaktree Farms  

Jacksonville, GA
Greenbridge Farms  
Guyton, GA
Friendship Coffee 
Savannah, GA
IsReally Hummus 
Savannah,  GA  
Hunter Cattle 
Brooklet, GA        
KYV Farms 
Jacksonville, FL  
Thrive Cafe 
Savannah, GA
Savannah River Farms 
Newington, GA
Frali Gourmet  
Savannah, GA 

Our Service:

We deliver all of this fantastic, high quality produce directly to your door.  With Local Farmbag, there is no need to have to drive to a pick up point (how frustrating!) or battle crowds of people sneezing and coughing with reckless abandon - you can get everything brought right to you! With LFB, you will find unsurpassed customer service and a staff that will accommodate almost all requests concerning your deliveries and it's contents.  (As much as we would like to, we will not cook it for you.  Well maybe ..... what kind of wine do you have?)

We view our customers as family and we hope to grow together.  You will always know in advance what will be in your Farmbag but if for any reason you would like to make a substitution or add something on, just let us know and we will do it.  Our program is very flexible and there are no hard and fast rules for our customers.  We want you to have what you want - and we will make sure you get it

Experience The Difference:

There are other delivery programs out there but it is the philosophy driving us that is the biggest difference - fostering supportive relationships with both farmer and customer.

Creating a unique Farmers Market environment that is inviting and fun - after all, this is food we are taking about!

 It should be fun and experimental.  Reliable, friendly and always available customer service ready to help you no matter how. (Flat tire, need bail money, can't figure out the DVR?  You can at least ask us)  Our people are the difference! 

Field of Vegetables
Fresh Bread
Field of Greens
So Much Delicious Lettuce
Steve & Erik, Farm Baggers
That Vegetable is No Joke
Steve, Farm Bagger Extraordinaire
Farm Bags!
Loading Up for Deliveries
Stalks of Brussel Sprouts
Farm Bag Wins Awards
So Fresh, So Green
Getting Ready to Load Up
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