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Farm Bags!

MINI BAG - $26.00 
We select Four items from this
week's list - NO bread but you
can add it on for only $5

SMALL - $38.00
Approx 8-11 lbs of produce - NO bread but you can add it on for only $5


MEDIUM - $50.00

Approx 14-17 lbs local vegetables, 
1 loaf of fresh baked bread 

LARGE - $80.00
Approx 20-25 lbs local vegetables, 
2 loaves of fresh baked bread

Additional Selections

Coffee, Whole Bean, regular and decaf - from PERC Coffee - 12 oz bag (fair trade) - $14

Local Cheeses - Varies every week!  Check This Weeks Bag

Ground Beef - from Hunter Cattle - $7.50/LB

Bacon - from Savannah River Farms - $9.50/LB

Pasta and Sauces from Frali Gourmet

Various Oils from LaTerra Natural Oils

Eggs from J&A Farm

Chickpeas and Lentils from Timeless

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THIS WEEK'S BAG TO SEE WHAT SPECIALS WE HAVE JUST FOR THIS WEEK!  Will it be a Butcher's Box?  Sausages?  Honey?  Oatmeal?  Ravioli?  Boiled Peanuts?


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