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Answers to some of life's questions.

What are some of the benefits of your service?

 Our service allows everyone to get produce directly from the farmers and all other goods directly from the producers.  The unprecedented access to the growers allows for the freshest produce you can get.  And the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables are numerous and quantifiable.  Join Local Farmbag and a portion of every single Farmbag sold goes directly to a local charity. Local Farmbag is good for the farmers, the local community and good for your health.  

What if I need to leave for vacation?

Just make sure you call or email us 48 hours before your delivery, no later than 10:00 am and we will hold your deliveries until you return.


Can I try a Farmbag just one time to see if it works for me?

Absolutely! We can deliver a one time trial Farmbag for the cost of whichever Farmbag you choose and only a five dollar delivery fee.


What if I am allergic or do not like certain items?

Our weekly newsletter comes out every Sunday and you will see ahead of time what is scheduled to be in your Farmbag that week.  If there is anything on the list that there is an allergy concern about or if you just don't like certain items, you can leave them out simply by replying to the newsletter and letting us know what you want to leave out of your Farmbag and you can specify what you would like to replace those items with.  


How do I reach Local Farmbag with questions or changes? 

After you sign up with Local Farmbag, you will truly feel like a part of a friend's business more than anything else.  There are no hard and fast rules.  We work with each customer individually and try to do whatever we can to make your experience the best.  Our customer service in unparalleled and now that you are a part of the LFB family, you can call or text us at anytime at 912.777.2930 or you can email us at  We also send a weekly newsletter indicating what will be coming up in next weeks bag and you are free to reply to that email with any requests.  We will get back to you shortly often within hours.  We know that we couldn't do any of this without your support and we show our appreciation.  

What time will my bag arrive?

Your delivery day is dependent on what part of our delivery area you are in.  Deliveries are currently on Wednesday (Downtown, Midtown, Isle of Hope area, the Landings, Thunderbolt, Burnside Island area), Thursday (Southside, Southbridge/Berwick, Pooler, the Islands, Tybee), and Friday (Richmond Hill, Rincon, Statesboro, Bluffton, Hinesville and Hilton Head Island).  It is hard to tell you the exact time of day you will receive your first delivery, but subsequent deliveries will be made around the same time of day.

Does LFB work with schools or companies?
LFB does work with schools and companies in creating or maintaining company or school health initiatives.  With schools, we will drop off the Farmbags at the school on a designated day and when the parents pick up the kids, you can pick up your LFB too and if your school is one we deliver to, you will get 10% off every Farmbag delivery!  Please contact us to discuss details and options.  And with companies, we create a single drop off location for employees to pick up at work.  A minimum number of participants is required.  LFB is committed to working with schools and businesses in helping to promote a healthier lifestyle.  Eating more fruits and vegetables, especially organic, can help reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity  and a host of other maladies.  We would love to hear from your HR department to discuss how we can help create a more healthy environment for students and employees and all of the benefits a healthier student or employee has on an  organization.  


We currently do a drop off at FIVE different Gulfstream locations.  Remember that if you are a Gulfstream employee, you will also get 10% off every Farmbag.  We currently deliver to:  the Main Cafe, the Service Center/Product Support Cafe, RDC IV (Innovations Cafe) and the BTC.  

What other organizations does LFB work with?
We here at LFB want to work with not only those who WANT the LFB but those that NEED them.  We are eagerly attempting to work with those in the health care field in bringing healthy, locally grown fruits and veggies to those that really need them, those that have been told by their doctor that they have to change their diet and include more fruits and vegetables.  We want to work with anyone afflicted with diabetes, obesity, cancer, or any other condition that requires better eating habits.  So any doctor, nurse, organization or committee that can help us achieve  our goal of getting better foods into the hands of those where eating better is a  literal matter of life and death, we want to hear from you to discuss the options.   We are extremely flexible on cost, product, and delivery options with those in  need.  We would greatly appreciate any input or help in this matter.  


For all St Joseph/Candler employees, whether we deliver to your home or to your office, you get 10% of every Farmbag purchase.


In addition to Gulfstream employees, we work BFG in Bluffton and TMX Finance in Savannah.  Employees from both companies, whether it is picked up on site or delivered to your home, will get 10% off every Farmbag purchased.

Who else gets discounts?  ALL teachers get a discount - even homeschool teachers (we know you work hard too!).  Fire, Police and EMTs get discounts.  Active Military get a discount.  I think that is about it for now.  We will need verification though.  


What if I receive an item in my delivery that I am not satisfied with? 

Contact us via phone or email and we will replace any bad produce.  We can usually replace the item the very next day but if not, we can either make up for it the following week or just take some money off your charge. We guarantee our produce and strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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